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  More About Genius

The SVC Co-Operative Bank has implemented a 3 tier architecture based banking solution on a distributed database called 'Genius I' to provide a single window solution for all banking products required by its customers. This software has been developed by the Bank's in-house team and has facilitated the Bank to put in place the products & processes required by its customers presently across its 198 locations.

State of the art facilities products in the repertoire of  “Genius I”

  • Any Branch Banking               ABB
  • Banc@Call                             Telebanking solution
  • Banc@Cell                             Mobile Banking Solution
  • Cache Token                          Speedy payment system
  • Emphasis has been laid to ensure that appropriate products that address the needs of the customers are in place to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • 'Genius I' thereby proves to be a unique solution that encompasses ALL the banking services at any branch in a pseudo centralized operations mode. The Bank endeavors to adhere to faster delivery of products increase in business and ability to handle larger transaction volumes round the clock using technology.
  • The entire Bank's network of 198 branches and 1 Extension Counter have been networked using lease lines with ISDN lines as redundancy. The Bank has in place ATMs across almost all its locations where the customer of ANY branch can go and operate his account. In fact, SVC is the 1st Co-operative Bank which has installed an off-location ATM.
  • A Network Management System is implemented to monitor the network traffic and to control congestion.
  • Endeavour to reduce operational cost, streamlining processes and improve communication has made the Bank implement IP Telephony using Cisco IP Phones, and Mail &Messaging solutions using MS Exchange 2003.

  • The SVC Bank ensures security in operations; appropriate access controls have been introduced at various levels. Security controls at the network level, application level, database level and the user level ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data at all times.
  • The SVC Bank will at all times keep pace with the technology and ensure quality service to its customers.

First Co-operative Bank in the country to offer RTGS services

Quickest Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

SVC launched the newest product 'Quickest', implemented for the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) payment system initiated by the Reserve Bank of India. The Bank is the 1st Co-operative Bank in the country to offer RTGS services in a Straight Through Processing (STP) mode by 'Quickest'. For more details on RTGS Click here.

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system is a nationwide funds transfer system to facilitate transfer of funds from any bank branch to any other bank branch. Key benefits are :
This transfer takes place within 2 days anywhere in India / Nepal wherever banks /branches are participating in this system Walk in customers can remit funds through 'Cash' also.
For more details on NEFT Click here.

Cache 24 (ATM Network)

All SVC ATM's are designed to cater to any SVC branch customer and also customers of 'BANCS' network. For further details on ATM(s) Click here.

GOLDMINE - Genius -On Line Data Mine:-

SVC is also one of the 1st Co-operative Banks to develop product for On Line Data Mine - a unique Data warehouse that is being used at the Bank to address operational areas using the data extracted & transformed from the central database.

Reporting Services:-

An automated reporting tool that generates specific reports available on the intranet as well as e-mail attachments.

On-Line leave management:-

An On-line automated leave management module for the staff

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