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Arogya Vishesh
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SVC Bank introduces a new variant to its existing Savings Product line, Arogya Vishesh (AV)
A unique combination of a savings account clubbed with a sweep out fixed deposit to facilitate hassle free hospitalization. Arogya Vishesh comes with a distinctive benefit of providing flexibility of payment options at leading tie up hospitals
  What is it to Invest in Aarogya Vishesh (AV):
  • Open a Savings account with our Bank with balance of Rs.10000.00
  • Set aside the amount you wish to save for your emergency
  • You will be issued an AV Flash Card
  • When an emergency arises, rush to the closest hospital that SVC Bank has tied up with
  • Show your AV Card
  • Get admission into the hospital without paying any amount by showing this flash card
  • SVC Bank will remit the funds to the hospital
  • You can also use this for your family, your relatives & friends
  Fixed Deposit Features
  • The fixed deposit  will earn simple interest rate applicable for 366 days deposit which will be credited to your Savings account on maturity with Auto renewal facility
  • Fixed deposit can be ranging from Rs. 50,000 to any amount 
  • The Aarogya Vishesh Deposit will be exclusively used for Hospitalisation emergencies
  • There will be no penalty on premature closure of the Aarogya Vishesh deposit in case of the emergency
  • You can check your Aarogya Vishesh Balance in your Savings Passbook
  • You can use the Savings account like the normal savings account and earn Savings interest
  • Aarogya Vishesh thus becomes a multipurpose deposit scheme
Monthly Payment EMI:

* Conditions Apply
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